"To Help People Drive Safely" is just what the company name implies.  Our goal is maximizing the performance of drivers and helping ensure the safety of everyone as we share the road. 

THPDS has an excellent 12 year record of teaching thousands of drivers how to keep themselves safe. You will leave class feeling good about traveling.  We Deliver!

You will thoroughly enjoy each educational session, which is thought provoking, interesting and informative.  Seeing and hearing at the same time are proven learning techniques that allow each student to maximize their learning potential

Our instructors are well educated and up to date on all the latest information and research.   We are experienced with unsurpassed abilities.  Your safety is our primary concern.

Our lead instructor has over 43 years law enforcement and traffic management experience. He's been there, seen that, done that!

We will answer your questions.

Getting a ticket is not the end of the road but it has to be considered and dealt with.  We can help.