Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the class last?  A 4 hour class lasts from 8 AM until 12 PM on Saturday or 5:30 until 9:30 PM on Monday (Jackson only).  An 8 hour class lasts from 8 AM until 4 PM Saturdays only.

What do we do in class?  Students will be exposed to the latest information available promoting safe driving habits.  Videos from AAA are used as well as classroom discussions.  Power Point Presentations are also used in combination with the videos to further explain situations faced by drivers.

How many points will a class take off my record?  Many General Sessions and City courts allow drivers to take a 4 hour class to prevent a citation from being reported, which results in no points being added.  When a driver reaches the 12 point level on their driving record within a 12 month period the State will require that driver to attend an 8 hour class for point reduction purposes.  The State then adjusts their point level to below a 6 point level.  The driver is put on probation for 12 months and allowed to continue driving.  The driver cannot receive more than two moving citations within the 12 month probation period or they lose their driving privileges.  The number of points that are taken off a driver's record varies with each situation and should not be a big concern because each driver on probation is treated equally during the probation period.

Can I take a class to lower my points?  The State of TN does not have a program whereby a driver can elect to take a course to remove points from their record.

How long do points stay on a record?  Once points are applied to a driver record they remain for a 12 month period.  On the day after the 12 month period the points fall off.  In other words after 366 days the points are removed.  The violation shows but the points are removed.

How long does a violaton stay on a record?  Once a violaton is applied to a record it shows up for the life of the driver.

Can a CDL license holder attend a 4 hour class to keep points off the record.  CDL holders may not go to defensive driving school to take points off their license, even if the violation occurred while in one’s personal vehicle.

How often can a driver take the 8 hour class for point reduction purposes.  Each driver is allowed by the State to take an 8 hour class one time each five years for point reduction purposes.

How often can a driver take the 4 hour class?  A driver can take the 4 hour class as often as a court system will allow.  Normally it is one time per year for each jurisdiction.


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